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How much vacation do you take per year at your business? How did that change over time?

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When the company was young I did not take as much time off. It took about 1.5 years to get the business to a solid place financially and with the team. Once we hit that point I was fine taking a month of time off to travel while my business partner watched over things.

As the company grew to 100+ people I took about 8 weeks off per year. I love having big blocks of time to explore new places. I’d stay on top of email during those trips to some degree but I was pretty “off” during those periods. I had an amazing management team and business partner so I never worried about being up in the mountains or totally off the grid if I wanted.

I just started a new business now and my partner and I are planning to take off 4 weeks including all holidays and sick days this year. We are bootstrapping and trying to build a business so it is all about building a product and generating revenue. I still plan to travel and work remotely but I will take less time off.