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Has being a parent helped you become a better entrepreneur and business owner? How?

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With kids, they are growing slow. When we interact with adults, we are always impatient on them to understand a concept. With Kids, we don’t have a choice. Same way, we are most of the time impatient with our business. We want it to grow fast, but the reality is it takes time just like a kid which learns to walk, talk and understand slowly. It takes years for you to communicate what you had in mind to them. With this realisation, my agitation and impatiences were improved tremendously.

Having 3 kids is a lot of work. They all have different things going on and different activities you got to work around. Add a full-time job in there and you got a pretty full plate.

I like to think of each one of my kids are like a client. They have unique requirements and different needs that need to be addressed. So making time to meet those needs and plan the execution of those requirements are vital for a happy client. I love my kids and they give us so much joy. Knowing that their needs are put first before my business, is absolutely huge for them. Also, it benefits my company because I’m in the same mindset of delivering a quality product.

If my family is happy, I’m happy. If I’m happy, the client gets quality service and they will be happy. 🙂

How you patent is a reflection of how you lead. Whether you know it or not- your employees do and probably so does your spouse. Any and all of the leadership lessons I learned (and teach) are reflected in home life once a kid is part of the picture. I was lucky enough to get an early warning about this. How I was at home, especially when it was hard, crazy, noisy, exhausting or stressful was a bellwether for what I was likely doing at the office. the reverse was true as well. I knew that I wanted to raise an independent, capable, self-aware son, so paid attention to that at home. His visits at the office helped me see that I needed to be doing more of that at the office as well. “Love and Logic” parenting (look it up) applies to enabling leadership at the business, which lead to more time at home. similarly, Coaching Education made me a less directive, more present parent and spouse.

Having our daughter and son opened my eyes and my heart to these little beings. I want them to experience life and love and all the wonder of being alive. With my son I have an incredibly strong desire for him to grow up loving and accepting himself. This want, caused me to look at myself. I realized that if I want him to love and accept himself for who he is, I also need to be able to do this. “Show Me Don’t Tell Me”!

This has opened a path for me to pursue personal and professional growth. How can I show up in an honest and compassionate way at home and at work. It sparked a deeper interest in psychology and communication skills.

It provided me an opportunity to shift my perspective, to provide space for others to be themselves and pursue their true hearts desire even if that isn’t in alignment with what I want for our business.

Overall, having children helped open the opportunity for me to take off the hats of “husband, entrepreneur, boss, manager, father” and just show up as my true self.

It’s also a heck of a lot of fun to see children interact with the world.

We have two children that are now both in college. When they were younger my wife and I took parenting classes. Love and Logic and The Art of Positive Parenting where two of the classes. The classes helped in understanding how to set boundaries with the children. The added benefit was many of the concepts have also been helpful in dealing with my employees. I believe that constantly learning can help in all aspects of your relationships.

I have not given this topic much thought until now, but the one thing that I have found is that the two behave the same… they are both customers of ours and you do not know when they will have a need for your support or services. You need to balance your support and nurturing, too much and they will call for you at every instance, too little and they will destroy themselves.

Parenting is not an exact science and nor is running a business because it involves humans. Like a child that is tired and crabby a business can be in a poor state depending on moods and influencing factors on your staff. Performances in seemingly the same situations can yield a different outcome. Processes help business straighten these out and for kids, it is routine and consistency in your parenting.