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What was your biggest worry you had about having kids and running a business prior to them being born? Once you had kid(s) how did that worry pan out?

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My biggest worry was that I would not have any time to work on my businesses or new business ideas, and that I would get frustrated with myself or possibly take it out on my family/son.

I am one year in and I am glad to report that none of those worries came true. I have plenty of time for my family and my business. And, with a little help from babysitters, my wife and I are feeling pretty good about our routine. It also helps that as an entrepreneur my time is flexible so if I want to take him on a stroller ride in the middle of the day I can, and then work when he is sleeping.

Where did I get this worry? This was driven by a lot of negativity from people around me who were not entrepreneurs but were working full time. They were super negative about how hard it was to do both work and kids. I got pretty depressed right before the birth because everyone was so negative about how hard it was, how little sleep you got, and how little time you have to do anything. I am only 6 months in but sleep and time has been great so far. I am currently working to launch a new business and I am confident it can be done :).