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BarryGoldberg on: How has being a parent helped you become a better entrepreneur and business owner?

How you patent is a reflection of how you lead. Whether you know it or not- your employees do and probably so does your spouse. Any and all of the leadership lessons I learned (and teach) are reflected in home life once a kid is part of the picture. I was lucky enough to get an early warning about this. How I was at home, especially when it was hard, crazy, noisy, exhausting or stressful was a bellwether for what I was likely doing at the office. the reverse was true as well. I knew that I wanted to raise an independent, capable, self-aware son, so paid attention to that at home. His visits at the office helped me see that I needed to be doing more of that at the office as well. “Love and Logic” parenting (look it up) applies to enabling leadership at the business, which lead to more time at home. similarly, Coaching Education made me a less directive, more present parent and spouse.