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Anonymous on: After you sold your business how did that affect you personally?

After the first big exit, I had a big loss of identity. I was young and I felt lost as the business had heavily defined me. It was weird to go from having a pretty amazing title and reputation to not having that and feeling invisible. In the long run, it was good for me, but in the short term, I was pretty moody and not sure what to do with my life. It took me a good 6 to 12 months to get out of my funk and figure out the next step. Long term, it has a super positive effect on me and helped me build a better identity not based around just my work.

When I had the next big exit there were no issues as I knew who I was by then, and I knew what to expect. Plus I had a family and having them there was a big anchor. It helped that it was also a big stress reduction to sell that business and I was happy to be done and have time to relax.