Entrepreneur Life

The personal side of starting and running a business.

With kids, they are growing slow. When we interact with adults, we are always impatient on them to understand a concept. With Kids, we don’t have a choice. Same way, we are most of the time impatient with our business. We want it to grow fast, but the reality is it takes time just like a kid which learns to walk, talk and understand slowly. It takes years for you to communicate what you had in mind to them. With this realisation, my agitation and impatiences were improved tremendously.

Having a routine. I hate routines, to be honest. After my kid was born it wasn’t really practical for me to live without a routine. I was not able to work whenever I want. Just like a business, he needed a lot of attention. First few years, I wasn’t able to do justice and it made me guilty. Once the routine was in, things were a lot better for me, my wife and my kid.