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Work Life Balance

Work life balance? What a loaded phrase at this point. We cover how to keep yourself sane, avoid burnout, and find what balance means at different points in your life and business. Balance doesn’t mean 50/50, it means adapting to the current situation with what you and your family need.

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What does work life balance mean for you as an entrepreneur?
It means that I don’t lose sight of what is important in my life and get out of balance over the long term. I love my work, and sometimes balance means a week of 12 hour work days and almost no time for me or my family. And, balance can also be a week of 4 hour work days and lots of time with my family. I have a pretty serious list of what I want to see and experience in the world on my own and with my family, and making sure those adventures happen is key. If I only worked I would go crazy and get burned out. I want to go to my death content with the life I have lived and that is a great benchmark to check in on every 6 months. When I was younger I would work so much and so hard that... Read the rest of the answer here.

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