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We cover everything on vacation and travel for busy entrepreneurs and their families. Both where people have gone, as well as how they disconnect, and what they get from different types of trips.

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How much vacation do you take per year at your business? How did that change over time?
When the company was young I did not take as much time off. It took about 1.5 years to get the business to a solid place financially and with the team. Once we hit that point I was fine taking a month of time off to travel while my business partner watched over things. As the company grew to 100+ people I took about 8 weeks off per year. I love having big blocks of time to explore new places. I’d stay on top of email during those trips to some degree but I was pretty “off” during those periods. I had an amazing management team and business partner so I never worried about being up in the mountains or totally off the grid if I wanted. I just started a new business now and my partner and I are planning to take off 4 weeks including all holidays and... Read the rest of the answer here.

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