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Being an entrepreneur is tough, maintaining your mental health is vital during the lows and highs of the journey. We cover everything from sharing your darkest time and how that impacted you and your family, to therapy, to depression, to suicidal thoughts, and more. This is a vital topic, and one that needs to be talked about more so people do not feel as alone when facing these thoughts and feelings.

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Have ever seen a therapist? What made you decide to go? Was it helpful?
Yep, I have seen a Therapist a few times, and each experience was helpful. In 2014 I had a year from hell, my relationship with my business partner disintegrated, I was told I had cancer, tumors, or Crohn’s disease (in that order), and I got diagnosed with an annular disc tear and couldn’t do any sports other than walking and swimming for 9 months. I was a wreck and just barely keeping it together. I was dating my future wife at the time and also got engaged and married that year. I wish I had thought about getting some help earlier, but I was so out of wack I did not even see it as an option. My future wife asked me to go late in the year about 10 months into it and I wish I had gone so much sooner. I went for about 6 weeks and it... Read the rest of the answer here.

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