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We cover everything from the decision to have kids, parenting those kids, finding a balance of time between your business and your family, and how your entrepreneurial pursuits can affect your family and vice versa.

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How did your work habits change after you had a kid(s)?
When my son was born- I had top tier status on 2 airlines attending to clients in what was a small consulting practice. I could not get off the road in a substantial way, so I made a few changes to remain connected: 1. When I was home. I was home. No laptop, no work as long as my wife and son were awake. We created as many opportunities for family time or for father and son time as we could. 2. I was an early adopter for remote video and no matter the time zone, made certain that we SAW each other as well as talked daily. Conversation was not much- but presence mattered. 3. As my son got old enough to get geography and mail and such, I started sending pictures, post cards (snail mail) and sharing stories of the road- good and bad. At 3 my son... Read the rest of the answer here.

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What is the #1 piece of advice you would give an entrepreneur who is about to be a parent on how to balance those two worlds?
When I became a father, my business (my first baby) was in a good place. I tell people my busiess is now in kindergarten and under “adult supervision.” So the timing was really good to be able to focus less time and energy on my business than I did in the startup years and to shift that focus more to my children and family for a nice balance. I have more time and energy constraints now as an entrepreneur and father, which I think is actually a very good thing. I have obsessive and workaholic tendencies and now I simply can’t (or won’t) do the things I did in the beginning, which gives me such a better perspective on life. I’ve been able to focus on empowering and mentoring others in the business to do some of the things I frankly shouldn’t have been doing. I prioritize my time and... Read the rest of the answer here.

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Has being a parent helped you become a better entrepreneur and business owner? How?
How you patent is a reflection of how you lead. Whether you know it or not- your employees do and probably so does your spouse. Any and all of the leadership lessons I learned (and teach) are reflected in home life once a kid is part of the picture. I was lucky enough to get an early warning about this. How I was at home, especially when it was hard, crazy, noisy, exhausting or stressful was a bellwether for what I was likely doing at the office. the reverse was true as well. I knew that I wanted to raise an independent, capable, self-aware son, so paid attention to that at home. His visits at the office helped me see that I needed to be doing more of that at the office as well. “Love and Logic” parenting (look it up) applies to enabling leadership at the business, which lead... Read the rest of the answer here.

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What is the #1 piece of advice you would give to an entrepreneur who is about to be a parent?
Your life is about to change. You are now responsible for someone else so what you have to give in terms of time and money now has to be shared with your new child. Nights with little to no sleep, running errands, more house chores are just a few of the inconveniences that will now be occurring regularly that you did not have to deal with prior to your new child. I found that If I set aside time in the day or night where I could give myself 100% to my kids it worked better than when I tried to do work while being with my kids. If possible have twins because if you can raise twins you can do anything!

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What was your biggest worry you had about having kids and running a business prior to them being born? Once you had kid(s) how did that worry pan out?
My biggest worry was that I would not have any time to work on my businesses or new business ideas, and that I would get frustrated with myself or possibly take it out on my family/son. I am one year in and I am glad to report that none of those worries came true. I have plenty of time for my family and my business. And, with a little help from babysitters, my wife and I are feeling pretty good about our routine. It also helps that as an entrepreneur my time is flexible so if I want to take him on a stroller ride in the middle of the day I can, and then work when he is sleeping. Where did I get this worry? This was driven by a lot of negativity from people around me who were not entrepreneurs but were working full time. They were super negative... Read the rest of the answer here.

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